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The history of our product began in 2011 with a dinner with friends. Our founder and his friends ate raclette. There was a lot of smoke in the living room and their clothes absorbed all the odors in their fibers. Results? The next day, the furniture, the curtains and the work clothes of the house were stained with a mixture of smoke, grilled onions, melted cheese, etc. Having never backed down from a challenge, Silvain decided to find a way to make his range hood portable so that he could place it above the table for the next time a raclette with friends occurred. Ingenious as he is, he disassembled his hood and built a new one from parts of computer fans and store carbon filters. The very first Ventop prototype was built. Eight years later, in 2019, and after adding partners to its adventure, Ventop is now on the market with its VH-101 model. Our research and development team is already working on the next generations of our product. A double width model is under development, as well as some accessories to improve the suction capacity. They are even thinking about a residential model. Stay tuned…

Who are we ?


Since its creation in 2016, VENTOP Inc has invested in the creation of a portable ventilation system that the market needs. After years of research and development, Ventop brings to market the FIRST affordable PORTABLE VENTILATION AND FILTRATION SYSTEM. Being able to be paired with all table and counter cooking appliances, such as baking trays, panini grills and several other appliances, the system therefore becomes a must for restaurateurs. Intended for commercial use, the device meets the needs of more than 80,000 restaurants and more than 2,600 hotels in Canada.


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